Thomas McQuillan

Director of Food Service Sales and Sustainability — Baldor Speciality Foods, Inc.


Thomas McQuillan is a transformational executive, food sustainability leader, chef, and innovator in systems and operations.

McQuillan has 25+ years of successful business leadership experience, developing strategic initiatives and turning companies around. He also has a passion for food and cooking.

In 2015, he combined his business expertise with his love for food when he joined Baldor Specialty Foods, the largest produce and specialty foods distributor in the Northeast.

McQuillan was brought in to handle special projects for Baldor with the first one on tap: to identify a cost effective way to repurpose the overwhelming amount of food byproduct created by the company’s Fresh Cuts facility.

McQuillan created a sustainability initiative called “SparCs” (scraps spelled backwards), to re-invent the way people feel about unused food. He completely eliminated food waste from Baldor’s facility within a year’s time and the revolutionary program has served as a template for other corporations across the country.

A major player in the food sustainability movement, he has presented his work at Harvard, NYU, Stanford, and even the White House. McQuillan holds a BA in Business Administration from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration from St. John’s University in New York. He lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife, two children and dog Ginger.