A day jam-packed with intense learning, sharing and co-creation


8:30 am
Registration & Breakfast

9:00 am
Conference start

Sustainology - The Role of Business Beyond Short-term Profits
Nina Ekelund, Executive Director, The Haga Initiative
Summit Chair

A FoodTech Prophecy
Johan Jörgensen, Founder, Sweden FoodTech
Victor Friedberg, Co-Founder, Seed to Growth Ventures, Foodshot, Lavva



One Source, One Community
Anna Schreil, VP Operations, The Absolut Company

Empowering Millennials to Become Leaders in the Real Food Revolution
Tobias Peggs, Co-founder & CEO, Square Roots

Presentation by
Fredrika Gullfot, Founder, Simris Alg

Presentation by
Guillaume Charny-Brunet, Director of Innovation, Space10

Rethinking the Way We Develop Proteins/Nutrients
Adam Engström, Co-Founder & CEO, Nutrient


11:00 am
Coffee Break

Great time to check out the Food Market!


Transportation & Packaging

Presentation by
Andreas Jeppsson, Managing Director, Ecolean



Food for Health and Well-being
Prof. Robert Brummer, Professor of gastroenterology and clinical nutrition,
Örebro University

Presentation by
Björn Öste, Founder & CEO, Good Idea

Bringing Chemical Detection to Everyday Life While Helping Reduce Food Waste
Isabel Hoffmann, The Tellspec Food Sensor

Why Generic Solutions When We´re All Different?
Theresia Silander Hagström and Oytun Yildirimdemir, Co-Founders, Eatit



Sustainability Driving Food Business Innovation at IKEA
Michael La Cour, Managing Director, IKEA Food Services

Waste Not! Innovation and Partnerships to Optimize Food Usage
Thomas McQuillan, Director of Food Service Sales & Sustainability, Baldor Specialty Foods

Reducing food waste through data driven workflows
Martin Grådal, Co-founder and CTO, Whywaste


SACC New York-Deloitte Green Award
Presented by Andreas Marcetic, Partner, Deloitte Sweden


Cooking Demonstration Leftover Pasta
with Chef Marcus Samuelsson


1:00 pm
Networking Luncheon


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Five interactive workshops will be held in tandem, and are available for pre-registration. 
Attendees are encouraged to come with questions, answers, and ideas of their own!


Sensory Marketing - Awaken your Senses
Johan Swahn, PhD Sensory Marketing

This inspirational talk dives into the science behind our senses and how we perceive food, taste and the meal experience by integrating the latest research within sensory science and the latest gastronomy trends. Johan will combine theoretical frame work with practical exercises that will tickle your senses.


Building FoodTech Bridges Between USA and Europe
Johan Jörgensen, Founder, Sweden FoodTech
Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Head of Media & Research, AgFunder

TTIP might be dead, but the world of food needs to coordinate. Welcome to a workshop on how to build bridges between the US and Europe, using the unofficial 51st state, Sweden, as the beachhead.


One Circular, Sustainable Source
Anna Schreil, VP Operations, The Absolut Company

Absolut reaches the entire world from a very small place in southern Sweden.
As a brand with global reach, we believe we have to take responsibility for how we do business, in order to minimise negative impact on the planet. Our vision is to create and maintain a sustainable, circular, local system. Please join us in a workshop where we explore opportunities to overcome some of the challenges we face.


What Role Can Technology Play in Food Justice?
Karen Washington, Founder, Rise & Root Farm

Technology plays a huge role in agriculture from research to communication yet when it comes to ethics and social capital are this area being compromise in the name of process. Let's discuss how technology can play a role in making sure people and community are valued!


Raise a Toast to The Rev-ale-ution: Business and Innovation In Food Waste
Tristram Stuart, Founder, Toast Ale
Rob Wilson, Chief Toaster, Toast Ale

To change the world you have to throw a better party than those destroying it! Tristram and Rob will outline the global causes and consequences of food waste, before sharing their latest delicious and pint-sized solution – Toast Ale (www.toastale.com). One-third of the food produced in the world is going to waste and the worst culprit of them all is the humble loaf of bread. Tristram and Rob are brewing up a global rev-ale-ution to this issue by turning tons of this wasted resource into award-winning craft beer. In showcasing Toast Ale, they wish to present a case study to explore with the participants the role of business and innovation in cracking and scaling solutions to the global problem of food waste. 


3:30 pm – Post-Conference Reception




Food Market


Post-Conference Reception