Nina Ekelund

Executive Director — The Haga Initiative


Nina Ekelund is the initiator, together with the companies, of the sustainable business network The Haga Initiative as well as founder and chairperson of 2050 Consulting. She has over 20 years of experience from pursuing environment and climate issues within the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Prime Minister's Office, The Environment Department in The Stockholm City Council, Stockholm Resilience Centre and as member of the party board for Christian Democrats. Further, Ekelund participated as special adviser in the multipartisan Committee on the Environment, which was responsible for the development of Sweden´s new climate goals. She has several times been appointed one of the most influential people regarding environmental issues in Sweden. Through the Haga Initiative, Nina strives toward mitigation of climate impact from businesses focusing on making climate change the top priority for business leaders as well as politicians. The Haga Initiative gathers leading companies who reduce climate impact and profit from business opportunities and transforming goals into action. The member companies recently set the goal to be fossil fuel free within their own operations by 2030.