Adam Engström

Founder — Nutrient


The social entrepreneur Adam Engström is passionate about efficiency and innovation. He grew up on an organic farm and later ventured into the food and beverage business working abroad in Norway and London. After studying two years at The Royal Institute of Technology he put his studies on hold to found Nutrient, a company reflection his vision of creating efficient food production systems.

Nutrient develops concepts and processes for producing and selling climate-friendly proteins/nutrients, including products based on insects, and also plant-based products. This is what we call a simple idea, to convert industry waste streams and low-impact crops to new food solutions. Everything is made in a sustainable way through the circular thinking implemented in the entire production system. This means that no resource can go to waste.

The system is built around the insect production research, aimed to convert and use waste streams from the food and agricultural-industry where demand for quality and consistency is high. But also heavy industries and server parks where energy output can be directed to the farming system an energy input. We thereby helping these industries to lower their climate-impact.