How is cricket flour produced in Stockholm and laboratory-farmed burger patties from Brooklyn connected? Most people would answer: “they are both alternative protein sources”. We say: “they are both game changers”.
For the past decade, FoodTech-companies have been sprouting through the cracks of a broken food system, not only changing our minds about food but also redesigning ingredients on our plate. At the cutting edge of normalizing 3D-printed protein, digitalizing food consumption and uber-ifying food distribution we find two straight-A students...
The cities of Stockholm and New York have proven to be exceptionally fertile ground for the global FoodTech movement and have simultaneously raised the bar for urban goals connected to sustainability through food, by setting ambitious goals within three main areas:

- Achieving zero food waste
- Cutting green house gas emissions by more than half
- Dramatically reducing water waste

To acheive these goals -- we are in need of practical implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17: Partnership for sustainable development. With the Sustainology Summit as a platform; Stockholm- and New York-based decision-makers, entrepreneurs and disruptive companies find new pathways to make this a reality.

We hope you join the movement!


November 13,  2018

Citi, 388 Greenwich Street 27th Floor, New York City

Because of safety regulations you are required to bring a valid photo ID

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